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MiGeneration-Net Event: Milan Youth Policy Network

City of Milan
MiGeneration-Net Event: Milan Youth Policy Network
Milan 9-10 November 2018 – Agenda

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Main Venue: Fabbrica del Vapore, via Procaccini 4, Milan – Spazio Messina – 1st floor

Friday, 9 November 2018


Meeting at Fabbrica del Vapore – Via Giulio Cesare Procaccini 4, Milan

Registration of participants (pre-register online)

14.30 – 15.00

Opening of works and institutional greetings

  • Anna Scavuzzo, Deputy Mayor of Milan – with Responsibility for Youth Policy

  • Cinzia Zaccaria, Coordinator of the Office for Youth Policies, Department of Youth and National Civil Service, Presidency of the Council of Ministers

  • Domenico De Maio, Director of the National Youth Agency
  • Giorgio Mantoan, Councilor delegated to the youth policies of the Metropolitan City of Milan

15.00 – 16.00

At network school: What do you need to make a youth network run

Round table / debate


  • Three successful youth networks:

    • Luca Novello – Vice President of External Relations AIESEC Italia

    • Silvia Ivaldi – Past Curator Milan Hub GLOBAL SHAPERS 

    • Marta Bianchi – AGESCI Milan

  • Stefano Laffi, CODICI Research and intervention – Youth expert

Moderator: Gianpiero Kesten Journalist, Youth expert

16:00 – 16:45

Coffee break at Vapore 1928 Lounge Bar

16:45 – 17:45


Italian and international network experiences

  • Federico Guerrieri, EUROCITIES: presentation of the EUROCITIES network initiatives for the aggregation of young people at EU level

  • Linda Lees e Jade Mooney – City of Edinburgh Council – European best practice in Youth Policy

  • Carlos  de Sousa SantosFundação Bracara Augusta – City of Braga – European best practice in Youth Policy

  • Riccardo Loss, head of the SmartLab Youth Center in Rovereto: the experience of the network of youth associations in Rovereto

  • The network of the cycle of territorial plans and projects “MiGeneration” (2013-2018): Paolo Cattaneo, Social Cooperative Onlus Diapason (partner in all project cycles)

17.45 – 18.30

MiGeneration-Net: off we go!

Presentation of the Milan Youth Policy Network

Anna Scavuzzo, Deputy Mayor of Milan, with

Fabrizio Chirico – Director of Youth, University and Higher Education Department, City of Milan



Lorenzo Lipparini – Assessor for Participation, Active Citizenship and Open Data, City of Milan



DJ set with Missin Red – by the La Freccia – Lato B Youth Association

Saturday, 10 November 2018


Meeting at Fabbrica del Vapore – Via Giulio Cesare Procaccini 4, Milan

Registration of participants + Networking Welcome Coffee, offered by Ciessevi

10:30 – 13:00

3 thematic working tables (simultaneous):

  1. Spazio Messina (1st floor):

Non formal education projects for young people: Let’s play the skills!

In the European CV, the skills acquired in non-formal contexts are defined in a somewhat residual “other skills”. But for young people it is increasingly important to develop them and learn how to put them to good use in order to choose and realize their life and work projects in a more conscious way.

We talk about it in an informal and playful context through the comparison between the reality of Milanese projects dedicated to this field and other national experiences, and to start thinking together on possible strategies, synergies, tools and common perspectives.

The work table is dedicated to:

– stakeholders implementing or collaborating in projects for the acquisition and valorization of non-formal competences aimed at young people

– partner of the MiGeneration project cycle 2013-2018

– organizations aggregating young people in Milan through educational / experiential activities: youth gathering centers, oratories, youth and student associations, scout associations, sports associations, etc.


  • Mauro Savini, National Association of Municipalities (ANCI)

  • Alessandra Clemente, Assessor for Youth Policies – City of Naples

  • Paolo Paroni and Marco Mietto – Rete Iter Association

Moderators: Paola Bertucci and Irene Ghizzoni – Youth, University and Higher Education Area, Municipality of Milan


  1. Spazio Messina (ground floor):

The Knowledge of Volunteering. Universities for volunteering. Workshop by Ciessevi (service center for volunteering)

Institutional greetings:

  • Laura Galimberti – Assessor for Education, the Municipality of Milan Milan

  • Ivan Nissoli – President, Ciessevi

Opening of works:

  • Patrizia Bisol – Project manager, University of Volunteering

The value of experiences: when universities come into play to foster the growth of nonprofit organizations.

Municipality of Milan: the Municipality’s commitment to volunteering young people

  • Anna Prat – Director of the Plan of the suburbs Development Unit, City of Milan

  • Giorgio Fiorentini – Senior professor Bocconi University – Campus Life

  • Paolo Cherubini – Deputy Pro-rector at the University of Milano-Bicocca

  • Stefania Romenti – Associate Professor of Strategic Communication at the IULM University

  • Paola Bonizzoni – Professor of Sociology at the University of Milan

University and voluntary work: together for students

  • Barbara Rosina and Simona Tosca – University of Milan COSP 

  • Laura Appiani – Bbetween and Open Badge projects, University of Milan-Bicocca

  • Sonia Giudici – Bocconi Social Manager 

University and Volunteering: from experiences to skills

• Elisabetta Perulli – Inapp

•Sergio Di Minica – Randstad

• Glenda Pagnoncelli – Ciessevi  Lever up project
Experiences of students and associations

Davide Verrazzani – Trainer and advisor,  University of Volunteering


  1. Liberty Building (ground floor):


Opening of works:

Introduction by Fabrizio Chirico – Director of the Youth, University and Higher Education Area of ​​the City of Milan

Erasmus Generation and Hospitality

Fabrizio Bitetto – Erasmus Garage – Erasmus Generation

Milan 2030 The coalition of youth housing

Valentina La Terza – presentation of the Milan 2030 project.

The coalition of the living of young people: an alliance between public and private subjects to design the Milan of 2030.

END of the meeting

Il network delle politiche giovanili di Milano